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They Trespass Against Us

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by Alix Emery

They Trespass Against Us

by Rita Ann Higgins

The memo said,
get them out of that bed,
Make Lazarus out of the lot of them.
By the head or the knee,
a puck in the back,
a knuckle in the nuts,
a sweeping ankle throw,
but no bruises.
They trespass against us.

Minimum force at all times,
except at tea times,
give them nothing, no tea, no ham,
give them spam.
They trespass against us.

Unwilling or unable
get them out of that bed.
Fed or unfed get them out of that bed,
but no bruises. Infirm or inform
who cares if they’re warm?
They trespass against us.

They are blocking our beds
get them out on their heads
They trespass against us.

Memo meant
for senior management eyes only.
Written by their legal team,
paid to be mean, paid but not seen.
They trespass against us.


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Rita Ann Higgins

Rita Ann Higgins is a Galway-based poet and playwright. She has published ten books of poetry.

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