I am Ireland
Saturday, 16 October 2021 12:31

I am Ireland

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I am Ireland

by Kevin Higgins, after Pádraic Pearse and in memory of the Celtic Tiger era, 1994-2008

I am Ireland:
I am the love-child of Brian Keenan and John Waters.
I drive Lebanese terrorists and Sinéad O’Connor bonkers.
I will go on forever.

Great my glory:
I am Enya’s next album
and Michael Flatley’s other testicle rolled into one.

Great my shame:
I am Frank McCourt’s next book
and, even worse, I’m his brother.

I am Ireland:
I am Louis Walsh waiting for the Milli Vanilli to hit the fan.
I keep a hyena in my front garden and I am ready!

Note: This poem appeared in Kevin’s 2005 debut collection The Boy With No Face

Image above: Michael Flatley getting stuck into That Book.