Shakespearean Tragedy
Wednesday, 27 October 2021 18:38

Shakespearean Tragedy

Published in Poetry
Shakespearean Tragedy
by Martin Rowson, with image by Martin Gollan
They've painted King Lear Orange!
He's mad as mad can be!
Divides the state! Will Ivanka
Be given Tennessee?
They've painted Hamlet Orange!
Does that arras hide Pence?
Does Dad still haunt? Melania!
Got to a nunnery hence!
Othello too is Orange!
With Green Eyed Monster pout
Paranoia drives him mad!
Melania! Watch out!
They've painted King Lear Orange!
On and on he rages!
I know this is Shakespearean
But it goes on for ages!
They painted Hamlet Orange!
To quit or not to quit
Has never even crossed his mind.
This soliloquy's shit!
Now Caesar's also Orange!
Though stabbed any amount
He yells at the conspirators
"Fake News! Recount! Recount!"
And King Lear is still Orange
Beneath the roaring sky!
It's Tragedy, so let's assume
Eventually he'll die.
Although Hamlet's still Orange!
And still he won't decide!
But Christ! This is a Tragedy!
Isn't it time he died?
Falstaff, Prince Hal, Mark Antony!
All Orange too! What class!
But though we all love Tragedy
Being replayed as Farce
Paint no more heroes Orange:
Such work need not detain us.
Just drop the first three syllables

From off "Coriolanus".