The New Jerusalem
Thursday, 05 August 2021 11:42

The New Jerusalem

Published in Poetry

The New Jerusalem

by Martin Rowson

The tattered flag snaps in the gale.
The old man pouts; looks out to sea
To where, without the Tide's betrayal,
The New Jerusalem should be.

The Advent of Mr. Nothing
Thursday, 05 August 2021 11:42

The Advent of Mr. Nothing

Published in Poetry

The Advent of Mr Nothing

by Kevin Higgins

All the messiahs safely crucified;
the choice again, as it should be,
between the Imp of All Lies
and Mr Nothing.

We’re again outside the padlocked gate.
Should anyone think of scaling the wall,
the garden is now patrolled
by wolves with orders to dine first,
and be exonerated in the inquiry later.

Those who shouldn’t be in jail
are that bit more securely there.

Those who sleep in doorways
that bit more completely know their place;

those who own islands
are that bit more secure on theirs.

Celebrity paedophiles chuckle
to themselves in their graves.

And the Brigadier General
can unclench in the knowledge
his plans for the war after next –
nowhere you’ve heard of yet –
will be given a white-toothed
statesmanlike Yes.