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Tuesday, 09 June 2020 10:55

Handbook for 2021

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in Poetry
Handbook for 2021
by Jane Burn

Handbook for 2021

by Jane Burn

You will open the dowdy curtains to a view of perfect snow
Your morning’s wardrobe is a coffin of wool
Blissful sun will bleed the trees of ice
Dusk is a mild lamb
You will fall asleep to the sound of gentle rain
Today is all your perfect weathers
Next year’s greens will taste of questions
Everything we build will somehow look like bones
You will believe in your own front door
Otters will return to fill our rivers with the shape of wet cats
You will remember how you always used to dream of losing teeth
You will find the High Street much changed
We are allowed to be friends with Europe again
Refugees Welcome will be sprayed on the side of every bus
You will still believe that you will kiss a woman for the very first time
You will still feel a little suspicious of everyone you meet
When you started school it was still legal for children to be caned
Jacinda Ardern will mean so much more to us than our own Eton Mess
The best thing is seeing where the birds have already walked
Every headline still has the feel of an epitaph
You will find where you hid the note that said I miss my lovely wife
Dominic Cummings is proved to be a manticore
Every night, you will read your child the story of your love
Boris Johnson will become allergic to soundbites and can only speak
from now on in tones of truth an actual common sense
All Tories will dedicate their lives to restoring the NHS
At every border you will hear kindness being spoken
You will fear the legacy of Donald Trump
At the end of each alley will be a shield of light

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