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Meanwhile (spoiler alert) back at the Apocalypse…

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Meanwhile (spoiler alert) back at the Apocalypse…

Meanwhile (spoiler alert) back at the Apocalypse…

by Jim Mainland

Tammy’s new flatmate is acting strangely again
Gwen awaits the results of her hospital test
Barry’s practical joke backfires
Leanne’s drinking reaches devastating proportions
Len prepares to meet his natural mother
Ben suspects Lisa is cheating on him
Carol discovers Jason and Keith in a compromising position

Liz suffers a nasty surprise – like, globally
Don brings the world to the brink of ruin
Bo dithers while the pandemic tsunamis
Matt is all washed up, again
Dom is trampled into sneery biscuitcrumbs by his own herd

Darren fails to deflect the death-ray from space
Colin’s attempt to haircut the planet goes badly wrong
Sanjay fatally affronts the entire animal kingdom
Dick unwittingly torches the last known rainforest
Sue empties the Pacific at one gulp
Sally causes the sun to become lozenge-shaped
Wayne provokes a spectacular implosion of the four winds
Desirée suspects something is rotten at the earth’s core
Bob discovers that black holes possess no irony

Giant feet steamroller the probity of mankind
Jealous flora bankrupt neighbouring galaxies

Contains strong language, gory violence, and scenes of an adult nature

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised, there is no helpline

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Jim Mainland

Jim Mainland is a graduate of Aberdeen University and until his recent retirement was Principal Teacher of English at Brae High School, Shetland.

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