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Wednesday, 27 November 2019 22:34

The election: England in 2019

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The election: England in 2019

England in 2019
After Shelley

By Alan Morrison

A nonagenarian white-gloved Queen
Grimaces assent to her sixth cousin twice
Removed, now prime minister number fifteen
Of her longest reign resigned (but no
Signs of resigning) and only the second
To whom she's related: a recently seen
Trend entrenching, another silver-spooned
Sprout of nepotism in our ermined
Democracy undermined, spliced
Together in unlikely embrace,
A pattern's setting in: Eton-Oxford-Westminster -
Unspoken hereditary principle whispers
In our wood-panelled parliamentary politics -
The Remembrancer marks the shaking mace;
Of course, we're reminded Her Majesty
Is constitutionally bound to take advice,
For her royal prerogative is purely symbolic;
But who'd have thought in the bicentennial
Year of Peterloo's protest for suffrage,
Parliamentarians would crowd around
The Speaker's Chair in protest against
The clamping of their representative voices
By a government gone rogue to prorogue
On the flimsiest of pretexts, shut
The portcullis at a point when it's most
Required to speak, be outspoken as spikes
(MPs are more than just delegates);
Just as in 1629 King Charles
The First claimed divine right, and, in turn,
Gleaned regicide... (or is this all a strange
Phantasmagoria projected by
Nostalgic Jacob Rees-Mogg languishing
Along green benches, upper-class puss
Of the Commons in human form, hands
Clasped across the broad lapels of his
1940s-style bespoke suit jacket,
His pudding-crop propped up on the carved
Wooden edge, feigning forty winks
Of contempt for the House of which he is
Leader and Dreamhead...?)... Now another
Entitled Etonian, an oratorical Nero
Bloated on hubris, braggadocio,
Rodomontade (vocabulary Bercow),
Has his premiership imposed upon us by
90,000 blue-rinsed Tory members,
Little Englanders, Daily Mail and Express-
Thumping xenophobes, a prime minister-
Cum-tin pot despot specially licensed
To clamp our democracy, have it silenced,
Because sovereignty is not something
To take lightly, it's a double-edged thing...


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