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The election: Stockholm Syndrome

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The election: Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome

By Michael Jarvie

We've been cheated and castrated
By a toff in evening dress.
His name's de Pfeffel Johnson
And he's serving Eton mess.

He's a racist and a scoundrel
And a homophobic loon.
He's a chancer and a coward
Who will dance to Donald's tune.

Then there's Nigel with his roubles
And his Russian wrecking crew.
He's a vulture and a huckster
Who'd sell the many to the few.

No-deal Brexit is our future
It's a cult like Heaven's Gate.
With a dose of phenobarbitol
We're on course to meet our fate.

Image: Ian Austin endorses Boris Johnson, by Martin Gollan.

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Michael Jarvie

Michael Jarvie is a working-class writer from Darlington in County Durham. He is the author of The Prison, a collection of short stories, and Black Art, a novel.