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Two poems for St. David's Day

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Two poems for St. David's Day
by Gustavius Payne

The Dai Caps

by Mike Jenkins

Ave yew yeard
there's Welsh people
takin t the streets
an they int wearin
them yellow vests like in France,
but traditional dress?

Nah, not them tall black ats,
not even trackies or shell-suits,
but all of em
are sportin caps.

Women an men, teens an kids
sayin no way austerity,
sayin yes way indie,
sayin we've ad enough,
ower time ave come.

We int copyin nobuddy,
an leave them surveyors alone!
In ev'ry city, village an town
the Dai Caps 're comin!


TOO small, see

by Mike Jenkins

We’re too small,see
an we’re too pooer,
we aven even got a tidee road
between the south an north -
gotta travel by train t Englan’
jest t get t west Wales.

What would we do without
all tha money in London
an ow could we possibly
survive without the Queen
visitin ev’ry few years?

We don’ produce nothin
now ower mines ave gone,
we got loadsa mountains
but they’re ewseless, in ’ey?
We should look t Westminster...
well, maybe not today!

I’m Welsh as yew are,
nobuddy cheers louder
when we score an win,
but goin it alone’s beyond.

We’ll end up ev’ryone divided,
the whool countree arguin
an no bloody solutions.

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Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins is an award-winning Welsh poet and author and unofficial poet for Cardiff City FC. His new book of political poetry, Nobody's Subject, is published in Summer 2016.