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Social Mobility

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Social Mobility

Social Mobility

by Peter Raynard

roll up roll up enter prize for enterprisers, why?
we will see you through our newly decorated
economic portals like a win on a fairground shy

no longer a museum piece of shame the historical
artefact uncovered by do-gooding just enoughs
to take away the talent let go by strictly come one and all

on-my-face dancers. come an' 'av a look at the market
place become an iceberg tip of extravagance, unscientific
evidence trophy scum, an end of the pier newspaper static

like the cat who pissed on his owner's face whilst dreaming
of a golden shower press conference lined with mics
and some trolled out policy beacon cake slice creaming

hang your head in shares of the pie where you'll find
the crumbs of your new-found existence amongst the shiny
shitty shoes of targeted investment. swagger like a mind

reading cloak no dagger swallower elocution blighter status quo
pawn in our economic blender. be our fucking drawbridge cock
puller muck spreader of legs across educated lawns that show

the arms of tick box junkies. You'll be a don't look downer
tongue dark browner baton keeper red carpet sweeper
one of our own (sort of) so smile like the killer you really are.

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Peter Raynard

Peter Raynard is a writer and editor of Proletarian Poetry: poems of working class lives. He has been widely published and his debut collection Precarious will be published by Smokestack Books in April 2018. His poetic coupling of the Communist Manifesto will be published by Culture Matters in May, 2018.