Let's pretend it's butter
Wednesday, 29 June 2022 21:44

Let's pretend it's butter

Published in Poetry

Let's pretend it's butter

by Sally Flint

'It all starts with stability around access to food.' - Marcus Rashford

After the adrenaline rush of not knowing
if her card might be declined, a test for economy
beans on a week of no 'free school meals'.

In her career as a carer she's never going to earn
enough to keep a fridge full, buy sea bass,
best butter, prime mince. On the news,

parliament's subsidised menus.
Her imagination fine-dines on honey
beetroot tartare, cocotte potatoes, poached

prime salmon in a black olive crumb.
If only her children could become politicians.
They'd discover and gladly share the food that they like.