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The Rule of Law

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The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law

words and image by Martin Rowson

"Boris" has fucked The Rule of Law!
And what's in there not to adore?
Now we can batter down his door
And piss upon his parquet floor,
Steal everything he's got, and more,
Then sock the fucker on the jaw
And he can't even call The Law!

Posh twats straight out of Evelyn Waugh
Survey vast tracts of fen and moor
Their family's owned since days of yore
And every fat complacent boor
Assumes they'll own it evermore -
But not without The Rule of Law!

For "libertarians" ignore
That mutual aid's required before
You smash the state and ditch the law.
They think that they can simply whore
After loot and furthermore,
Unbound by rules that they deplore,
They can pillage even more
And safely stash the swag offshore!

But typically, they don't explore
The flipside in this tug-o-war:
That WE can steal from THEM, and nor
Can they stop us, without The Law.
Nor will the sound of dropping jaw
Of Tories who've been so cocksure
Prevent the spilling of their gore
Without protection of The Law.

So now they've dumped The Rule of Law
Let's prise open their grasping claw,
Deprive them of their homes galore,
Smash their Oxbridge boatclub oar,
Land our ships upon their shore,
Bring down our hammers just like Thor
As we even up the score.

And if they scream "WHERE IS THE LAW?"
They should've thought of that before
They let "Boris" fuck The Law.

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Martin Rowson

Martin Rowson is a multi-award-winning cartoonist, writer and broadcaster. Photo: Fred Rowson.